Initial Evaluation for students

This test assesses skills such as: understanding fictional and non fictional texts (literary and non- literary), the ability of scanning for information on account of certain tasks, the ability of thinking, making up opinions, own arguments and interpretations.

SLL – Partnership evaluation

A. The extent to which the project was implemented in accordance with the approved application

B. The quality of the activities carried out

C. Product quality and results achieved

D. Learning outcomes and impact on participants

E. Impact on participating organizations

F. The quality and extent of dissemination activities

G. The potential impact of the project on individuals and organizations other than those directly involved into the project

SLL – Interim Evaluation 2015

Criterion I. Objectives of the partnership

Criterion II. Impact on participants

Criterion III. Management and coordination

Criterion IV. Communication between partners

Criterion V. Cooperation between partners

Criterion VI. Evaluation

Criterion VII. Dissemination

Criterion VIII. Quality of results and outcomes of the project

Criterion IX. Project Implementation